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WHBS provide a wide range of services including tailored Moodle design, Moodle development, advanced Moodle Customization and Implementation solutions to our clients to suit their individual project requirements. So, you can have your very own hosted Learning delivery site branded with your own look and feel.


Moodle LMS comes with a vast range of functionality from the ability to upload and track e-learning resources to collaborative features including wikis, blogs, discussion forums, chat rooms and polls. Moodle provides developers with advanced tools & options for higher-end Moodle Customization & Implementation. WHBS services include:

  • Custom Moodle Themes
  • Custom Moodle modifications for Online courses and examinations
  • Moodle custom themes and installation
  • Moodle theme design
  • Moodle course design
  • Moodle customizations
  • Moodle module development
  • Moodle plugin development
  • Payment gateway integration

Modern information technologies have created the capacity of design and deploy whole learning management system that only delivers the course work. learning management system is where you can paced online courses in a form of online catalogs. LMS s/w used to plan, deliver and publish your self embedded systematic approaches by the help of LMS the learners can identify the related information and there is a place to track information, and can interactive with the online training courses among the most popular of all the learning management system is moodle.

White House Business Solution has grown its expertise in developing an in-house Learning Management System after years of researching in different open source LMS available in the market. And, thus, WHBS now offers customization and implementation services of some of the in demand Content Management Systems such as Moodle, Joomla and Word Press.

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